Enlighten Your Brain: Packaged CD

"Enlighten Your Brain" (32 min) brings your brain into alignment with your soul through infusing it with your innate God Force Essence. This assists you in creating that which you wish to create for yourself, whether that be a material, mental, emotional, physical or spiritual goal. By bringing harmony and love into all of the brain centers and cells and circulating more light throughout the brain, the synapses and all the spaces between the brain cells, the brain will more efficiently be able to access information and manage your choices and goals. "Melchizedek's Third Eye Opening"(19 min) takes you on a beautiful journey with the Ascended Master Melchizedek. Feel him focus his intention, eyes and hands on your third eye, clearing it and opening you to the awareness that you have the power to see and create your own reality. Two meditations on one CD. Total time 51 min. Visit www.pamelaarwine.com for additional information.
Enlighten Your Brain:   Packaged CD
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