Private Sessions

If you are ready to move away from depression, karmic indebtedness, anxiety, separation and pain. call to begin our work together today. Pamela offers private sessions, in person or over the telephone, which integrate many powerful modalities in a compassionate, loving and direct approach. She will scan into your energy field, drawing out energetic memory traces, emotional patterns, core beliefs and thought forms which may be preventing you from reaching your full potential. She will talk things through with you to shift awareness and nurture healing with a full complement of transformative healing energies. Once the patterns which may be creating an imbalance are defined, released and healed, once a sacred space is created and held in love, the true radiant you can once again manifest. You will feel your life transform as you discover inner peace, grace, love, liberation, emotional balance and deep purpose.You will remember who you are. Call 719-252-1540 to schedule your time. More info on
Private Sessions
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