LLH CD11: Ancient Light Emerging, Downloadable

The fifth wave of Lemurian Light extends the clearing and healing to the causal and spiritual bodies.  The causal body is the fourth layer and contains the thoughts of the higher mind and karma, memory traces and karmic imprints.  Core beliefs are also prevalent here.  The first two spiritual bodies are often referred to as the Buddhic and Atmic bodies.  Their clarity is so important as they serve to connect us with the higher enlightened aspects of our Oversoul.  They provide essential insight, information, inspiration and guidance.  Within these parameters, it seems to me that as you begin working with the fifth wave of Lemurian energy, you are truly beginning to work with your essential self.  Unless you are already an experienced spiritual journeyer and/or healer, I suggest you will reap the most benefit by doing these CDs in order so no essential elements are missed.  For additional information, visit www.pamelaarwine.com.

LLH CD11:  Ancient Light Emerging, Downloadable
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