.Lemurian Light Healing: Vol II: 8 Audio CDs

Welcome to the second volume of Lemurian Light Healing, eight beautifully packaged CDs.  As you continue exploring your Lemurian roots, you will participate in deep foundational healings of the mental, emotional and causal bodies.  Work done, you will be invited to dive deeply into the energies of enlightenment and bliss.  This effective combo of clearing, healing and soaring, affords you an opportunity to attain both liberation from the karmic wheel and enlightenment.    Unless you are already an experienced spiritual journeyer and/or healer, I suggest you will reap the most benefit by doing these CDs in order so no essential elements are missed. Please visit www.pamelaarwine.com for additional details.

.Lemurian Light Healing: Vol II:  8 Audio CDs
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